Connected in Caring

Our passion is leaving the world a better place.

Making an Impact

How We Give Back to the Community

At Medical Edge Recruitment, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to connect amazing providers with rewarding jobs at facilities nationwide. They care for those in need; we care for them. We also make giving back to our communities a priority.

Recognizing Nurses With the DAISY Award

Our Diversity and Sustainability Commitment


Supporting Higher Education

The Medical Edge Recruitment Scholarship has been established with the Colorado State University Pueblo School of Nursing. This scholarship fund assists nursing students working to obtain higher education. We believe it is important to continue to grow the next generation of nurses and nurse leadership and are committed to partnering to advance the healthcare community.
Doyenne Initiative logo

The Doyenne Initiative

Fostering Female Leadership

We are a proud sponsor of the Doyenne Initiative, an NGO created to help women reach the highest level of excellence in their respective fields. We are thrilled to see each class of Doyennes enrolled at the University of Maryland. We look forward to the expansion of this innovative program into leadership in healthcare and health sciences.

Anniversary Program

Recognizing Tenure With Contributions

At Medical Edge Recruitment, we recognize the service tenure of our team members by supporting their charity of choice with a cash donation.

Some of the organizations we are proud to have supported include, but are not limited to:

  • 26 for Caleb
  • Montgomery County Women’s Center
  • Wounded Warriors
  • Reach
  • Guyana Red Cross Children’s Convalescent Home
  • Paws for a Cause
  • St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital

Ways We Serve

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