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Welcome to Travel Nursing, where you get to choose your own adventure with every new assignment! There are many challenges to being a travel nurse, but there are also many benefits. Travel nursing is a great way to experience our country’s diversity and find fun new activities that are unique to each assignment area. Try implementing these five things on your next assignment to make the most of your travel nurse adventure!

1. Try a new restaurant every week.

Locals often know the best places to eat and drink, so ask your co-workers for recommendations of their favorites in the area. Try new cuisines you can’t find back home or a place featured in a magazine or your favorite Food Network show. Expand your horizons with a farmer’s market, food truck, a local diner, or a street festival.

2. Visit a state park or a national landmark.

Connecting with nature is a great way to relax, especially after a challenging shift. You can search the U.S. National Park Service’s website for state and national parks or visit their National Historic Landmarks page for a list of national landmarks by state. Plot all your visits on a map of the United States to track your adventures!

3. Find out what your town/city is known for.

Everyone is known for something! Find out what your assignment city is famous for. Visit the local library, city hall, or visitor’s center to learn about the history and events that have happened there. You will likely meet locals who are passionate to share their history with you as well!

4. Explore the towns/areas around you.

You may never get another chance to explore the state you are assigned to. Do some research and explore nearby towns or attractions that you don’t want to miss. Most states have “official visitor’s center” websites that list things to do, events and festivals, and even trip ideas all around the state. Use your downtime to find a new adventure every week!

5. Keep a journal.

Journaling not only helps you capture memories but also holds you accountable and grateful. We often get too caught up in the daily grind to appreciate all the wonders around us. As a travel nurse, take the time to capture your thoughts about each assignment and the special adventures you create around you.

Not sure where your next adventure is?

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