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What States Need Nurses the Most?

Nursing is a vital profession that plays a critical role in our healthcare system. But with a growing demand for healthcare services and an aging population, many states are experiencing a shortage of… Read More »

Don't Stress About Your Next Adventure With Our Travel Nurse Packing Checklist

Packing for a travel nursing assignment can be a pain. Over time you learn what is necessary and what isn’t, but venturing into a new region or climate you're unfamiliar with presents a new challenge.… Read More »

How New Grads Can Prepare For Success in Travel Nursing

Many new graduate nurses aim to enter travel nursing one day. As you gain experience in nursing, the following tips will prepare you for landing your first assignment. What is Travel Nursing? Travel… Read More »

What is Crisis Response Travel Nursing and Do You Have What it Takes?

When disaster strikes, who responds? The Red Cross, FEMA, and first responders are heroes who arrive immediately to render aid and provide medical care. But nurses are also tasked with providing life-saving… Read More »

PACU Travel Nurse Career Guide

Are you an experienced PACU nurse seeking a greater challenge or adventure? Our comprehensive guide will ensure you possess the education, skills, and certifications to succeed as a PACU travel nurse. The… Read More »

Checklist For Moving To A New State

  Planning a move to a new state can be overwhelming. It requires planning, research, and usually a reasonable amount of stress. For travel nurses who move constantly, it is even more demanding as they… Read More »

ICU Travel Nurse Career Guide

ICU travel nursing is not for the weak or fainthearted. It takes thick skin, exceptional organization skills, and advanced knowledge of critical illness to take care of ICU patients. Travel ICU nurses… Read More »

ER Travel Nurse Career Guide

What is an ER Travel Nurse? ER travel nurses are highly specialized travel nurses who care for patients of all ages for any reason. They stabilize, evaluate, and treat any patient that walks into a hospital’s… Read More »

Can You Do Travel Nursing Locally?

Did you know that you can be a travel nurse in your city and come home to your own bed and family every night? Local travel nursing offers nurses across the country the benefits of travel nursing without… Read More »

Things to Look for in a Travel Nurse Agency

  Finding a travel nurse agency that fits your needs can be overwhelming with the immense number of agencies out there. Whether you are just beginning the search for your perfect agency, or you have been… Read More »

The Highest Paying Nursing Jobs in 2023

  Nursing is one of the most diverse fields to work in with over 100 different areas to specialize in. From pediatrics to end-of-life care, the opportunities for nurses are limitless. With such a large… Read More »

Pros and Cons of Travel Nursing in 2022

The growth in popularity of travel nursing since the COVID-19 pandemic has shed light on the reality of working in healthcare systems across the United States. Unsafe working conditions, underpaid nurses,… Read More »

How To Avoid Weight Gain While Traveling On Night Shift

It is no secret that working night shift can cause weight gain. We have all been there - it is 02:00 in the morning and you have hit the wall where you are struggling to keep your eyes open. You find yourself… Read More »

Traveling to a Foreign Territory!

As the market for travel nurses continues to prosper, small towns continue to resort to these methods to meet their staffing quota. This may seem like a great idea for the staff in need, but when the location… Read More »

Why Work with a Travel Nurse Agency?

You spent years at school, have just graduated, and now you are a nurse. Congratulations! You are ready to get to work, and you can’t wait to live your life’s passion of being a caretaker. You are eager… Read More »

Balancing the Wheels of Motherhood as a Travel Nurse

What better to way to benchmark Mother’s Day this year than by paying tribute to our all-around boss moms, our Travel Nurses! We salute every mother who has been balancing the wheels of motherhood and… Read More »

Tips for Every Type of Traveler

Travel contracts and jobs are both exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time! It is an opportunity to travel anywhere, make more money, see new things, or help in areas that need nurses. When it comes… Read More »

What To Expect When Landing the Perfect Recruiter

There seems to be an abundance of medical staffing agencies across the country; how do you know which company is right for you? How do you know which recruiter you should work with? The choices can sometimes… Read More »

How to Decide if 2022 is Your Year to Travel

The year is almost over. You’ve probably already created your New Year’s Resolution list and plan to publicly announce each resolution on social media. On that list are probably a few things that would… Read More »

Make Your Next Assignment Feel More Like an Adventure!

Welcome to Travel Nursing, where you get to choose your own adventure with every new assignment! There are many challenges to being a travel nurse, but there are also many benefits. Travel nursing is a… Read More »

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